Asking if this system will work

i am willing to use Turnigy AquaStar T20 3T 1280KV Motor and ZTW SEAL 200A 8s esc at 22.2V (6s). Two of this system in one board with jet units. will they be enough and how many mah battery will be satisfaying?

Hello Nabil and welcome ! Here is a video of a similar build … … but dont expect to get amazing performance from that settup (jet consume alot more than straigh propeller) and 6s is low … get at least 8s to get less amp draw from your esc(hobby esc dont like to be push too hard for long period)… and for battery …if you drain 100 amp from your controller with a 10000mah battery pack it will last 10 min … so convert that calcul to how many time u think u want to ride … enjoy

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I am using two Surpass hobby 56102 600KV motors with two jets and Flier ESC’s
This is powered by two 6S3P
The 6S3P are 3 in parallel 6S 4500 mAh lipos.
I can ride my board at WOT (just over 20 km/h) for about 12 minutes before the lipo alarm tels me to stop.

Funny enough I did a static test today with my new 12S12P Li-ion battery pack.
Max amps used (according to the BMS)… 271 amps!
Max watt used: 11490 watt!

Again… This was a static test (in the pool with the board being held in place). I think that when normal used it will not be this much amps and watts.

The power the jets generated was way to much! I even got scared, and am not sure if I will ever ride the board in this configuration full speed!

Ignore the Top Speed Traveled and Distance Traveled…

** EDIT **
To make this post complete I have added some static push results of my setup.

6S (LiPo)

  • Nominal voltage 22.2 VDC
  • 1 Jet static push: 17 KG / 167 Newton
  • 2 Jets static push: 32 KG / 314 Newton

12S (Li-ion)

  • Nominal voltage 50.4 VDC
  • 1 Jet static push: 23 KG / 226 Newton (nominal power 5.75 kW)
  • 2 Jets static push: 44 KG / 431 Newton. (nominal power 11.49 kW)

Sounds like its going to be a fun ride!

Not sure about the “fun” ride…
However it will be some ride :slight_smile:

the setup i am using will give me 28416RPM and a 40+ km/h. and the motor max RPM is 30000 RPM if i exceed this value the motor will get destroyed. if i use 8s on 730kv it will be less faster 21608rpm.
i did not understand this " 6s is low … get at least 8s to get less amp draw from your esc"
and thaks for reply

Hi Kian,
What jet unit are you using?

I am using jets from Mark. (Youngster jets)

His channel:

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Mark is a Legend but he dont respond to coments

Bribe him with cigarettes!

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