Attach pinion to motor shaft

The manufacturer of my gearbox reisenauer 4:1 told me to attach my pinion with locolite to the shaft.
Will this be enought ?
Motor is sss 56104 motor 790

I’ve recently ordered a Reisenauer gearbox (a motor-chef) and this is what i can read (in german) in the documentation:

Attention in case of heavy load or overload operation!
From 2.5-3KW, the motor pinion may need to be laser-welded.
(goldsmith, jeweler or dental technician)

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Probably I have to ask Monika at reisenauer about that

Are you building a foil or a ordenary board as me?

I’m building an efoil with a 3KW motor and 6:1 gearbox. Pinion loctited on the 5mm motor shaft. For now this is ok but i’ve not yet tried with a propeller.

Maybe a screw and locolite will make the job done. I am more worried of the strength of the pinion

Is 3 kW enought for this ?

I recently coupled two 8mm shafts at 6000rpm and 3.6 Nm. The coupler clamped to each shaft with two M4 setscrews. This might not be the most elegant solution, but it is easy to add and quick to disasssemble during development.
I dont‘ have own test data yet, so you have to look at this graph Board / Surfboard blanks - #4 by flyingchris - Foils & Boards - to figure out your thrust requirements.

I had to use loctite for my CNC. No matter how much I clamp down the coupler, it would slip without loctite.

I have attached the pinion to the shaft now. Seems ok. I did some test with loctite 648 and the loctite will not dry when there is a gap around 1 mm. When it’s tighter between the two metal pieces the loctite is performing better. The instructions says so as well.

Could you guys please be nice enough to show a picture of the pinion attached to the shaft, and of the bottom of the reductor ?

On Internet one can only see the top of the reductor and never the bottom, except wide opened…