Attempting first build with 6374 190kv Outrunner

Hey all,

Before I start spending too much, I wanted to see if i could attempt a build using a 6374 190kv Outrunner and VESC I’ve had around for a while. I’m not intending for this to be the cleanest build ever, just seeing if I can get the thing to fly with a motor I already had! The motor is rated for a max 80A / 3150W.

The board i’ll be using is a 100L surf/SUP with a Large Gong Allvator foil. I already have the mast mount designed and printed to fit the motor. My biggest question is prop design, and recommended battery system. I quickly drew up and printed a 7" pitch prop that’s around 150mm diameter and 30mm depth

Big question: would this motor be able to lift this board considering high volume and large wing? If so, any battery and prop suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Worst case, I already designed a second mount for the Flipsky 65161 using the design specs on their site. If the outrunner is a bust, i’ll most likely go with that.

190kv might be a bit high. If you‘d like to use an outrunner, 63100 with 140KV works really well, with a Flite prop on 12S, you get up to 40km/h depending on your wing.

If you want to try anyway with that motor, you may have to reduce your pitch.
Check how much power your prop requires at 70% of the free spin rpm.
Thats the rpm for max mechanical(output) power (but horrible efficiency*, mind you)

*electric to mechanical efficiency. Then you must multiply this by the prop efficiency, which is also going to suffer since your pitch is lower