Austria / Salzburg Build #3 ( slow )

Towards the end of 2021, I decided to build a 3rd efoil.
This time shouldn’t be based on an inflatable, but on a wingfoil board.
I quickly found what I was looking for at Gong and bought an almost new Gong Lethal 4.10 80l at a good price.

This time I decided to use an FR motor.

For the engine control I take a A200S V3 VESC.

In my first and second project, I have had good experiences with Gong foils. That’s why I’m sticking with this system.
As mast i will this time the V2 85cm CFK.

For the batteries i will use LG-Chem Li-Ion Zelle 3.65V / 51Ah / 180Wh.

At moment i had maximum less time, so i think my build will not finish this year.

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First pictures for my parts and first working steps.


Thank you so much for the list.
I will preorder the A200S V3.2

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Hello ,it’s easy to drill the mast ? Or just drill the plate? I love the gong board nice price!

No, not was so easy but in some hours possible.
Inside the CFK mast is a foam core but interspersed with some longitudinal ribs.
I bought the Wingfoilboard used for less money :wink:


The Remote for my new build.


The next parts are arrived.

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Next steps are done.
I thought about using the original Mastclamp from FR or construct / build an own one.
I decide me for DIY.
I constructed in Fusion 360 my Mastclamps.

After them I thought about, how to produce that.
First I did a test print.

All fits. So should I CNC it from Aluminum or SLS print. So, I select SLS to try if the material is stong enough.
Here are the results:

Yes yes yes baby :sunglasses:


Is the SLS material you chose nylon 12 or nylon 11? I ask since LS nylon 12 prints with some porosity and may not be water-tight straight off the printer. Regardless I would suggest sealing it.

It is Nylon 12.
My plan is to laminate it outside and seal it with epoxy

After the ODU LAMTAC connectors have been delivered, the construction process continues.


And now the test print.
When all work like I want, I print it with an SLA Printer and Strong Resin.



Those look good. You should pour mold them with some decent urethane and they would then be a lot stronger than 3D printed.

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I not will print theme with an FDM printer.
It is only a prototype for playing.
My plan is to print the side with the pins in my SLA printer and use a strong and flexible resin.
The other side I will print in Strong X resin.

next step the two turned parts.