Austria / Salzburg Build #3 ( slow )

Towards the end of 2021, I decided to build a 3rd efoil.
This time shouldn’t be based on an inflatable, but on a wingfoil board.
I quickly found what I was looking for at Gong and bought an almost new Gong Lethal 4.10 80l at a good price.

This time I decided to use an FR motor.

For the engine control I take a A200S V3 VESC.

In my first and second project, I have had good experiences with Gong foils. That’s why I’m sticking with this system.
As mast i will this time the V2 85cm CFK.

For the batteries i will use LG-Chem Li-Ion Zelle 3.65V / 51Ah / 180Wh.

At moment i had maximum less time, so i think my build will not finish this year.

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First pictures for my parts and first working steps.


Thank you so much for the list.
I will preorder the A200S V3.2

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Hello ,it’s easy to drill the mast ? Or just drill the plate? I love the gong board nice price!

No, not was so easy but in some hours possible.
Inside the CFK mast is a foam core but interspersed with some longitudinal ribs.
I bought the Wingfoilboard used for less money :wink:


The Remote for my new build.