Auxiliary drive for SUP


I already work on a Jet-Drive for my Windsurfboard.
But i want to have a small drive for my SUP (Just for slow cruising).

I ordered this Motor with prop (First just one to test): FATJAY Underwater thruster IPX8 waterproof 2838 350KV 2.4KG thrust brushless motor with 60mm propeller for ROV e-foil RC boats

Additionally a water-cooled 90A ESC. It should have enough reserve.

If the thruster convinces me I will order a second one and mount it on my fin of the SUP.

I will also print streamline based covers. I’m just not sure if I’ll mount them in one line or side by side.

It would certainly make sense to use a cw and a ccw?

Link for the t200 , just to have a idea on data

Does anyone know a transmitter/receiver with e.g. 4 speed levels? Something like the bixpy drive remote?

Not yet off the shelf but this was recently discussed based on interests to incorporate similar control options as the flite board does. I’ll send the link as soon as I get back to my work computer

Has anybody a tip for me how to get the shape of my SUP fin into my CAD programm to make a fin clamp?

I have found a solution: I put a soldering wire around the fin and carefully took the wire down. Then I put the wire on the scanner and imported it into the CAD.


Received the motor and printed yesterday a qick and dirty fin-clamp.

I hope i can test it today. But its actually rainy.


Nice job! waiting for updates :slight_smile:

Had the chance to test it today. It works. Needs around 20A at 6S. Speed is okay. But i will test it with two motors :smiley:

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Just another video from yesterday

modify and optimize in winter (make it quieter). The small engine delivers exactly as much power as i want.

Do you have any news or link?

I’m having difficulties finding it! Thought it was in Vincent’s or Felix’s remote threads but I had no luck there

I printed a “motor mounting fin” and added a cheap Aliexpress waterproof connector and a waterproof box for the electronics.

i also printed a tpu gasket for the three motor cables to seal them into the plug. (See last photo - blue part)

For me this little project is finished (except the remote control) and work fine (6km/h @ 350W).