Axial bearing needed with 65151?

Just got my new FR2021 prop today and gave it a 16km ride. Can not measure any real gain over 2020 version yet.
Anyway I’ve always assumed that an axial bearing is needed to keep the thrust load off the radial bearings of the 65151. Today modifying my 2nd FR prop I came to realize that its not really made for axial bearing as the 4mm pin sits flush with the prop back-surface. I grind down 1mm and also sink the 12mm bore an extramm to have the bearing take the load as in the pics below.

  1. Are you using axial bearing with your 65151? If not how many hours sucessfully on it?
  2. Are you modifying how the pin sits in your props?

No and No and have loads of hours on the motor.

Thanks Jeremy, i never checked load resistance before and feel stupid, and have been bying 3x Ceramic axial bearings so far since most 3D designs of endpiece for the 65161 is incorporating the use of 51101 axial bearing.
Axial load resistance of the 6001 bearings used in my old motors are actually rated for axial load >1kN. I would assume that the thrust stays below 500N for our application.

Will get rid of the bearing for next try and hopefully save some efficiency…