Axis to gong wing adapter

I got a used axis ART999 front wing to play with, to cut some costs i’ll make a Gong fuse adapter for it. How’s that for a bastard setup😁

Looking at the interface i’d agree that the Axis fuse connection looks better than the gong one but i’ll do it anyway.

One thing i will need help with is the connection angle:
can someone with axis ”black advanced” fuse setup measure the angle of the fuse connection for me?

I think taking a measurement (with the mast in vertical / fuse in horisontal) of the angle on the bottom side of the wing will work, this area is flat enough to put a straight edge on and get a reference. (see pic)


Sketching the outline of the fuse connection.

3d-printed trial part:


Spot on.

Nice foil, and an interesting project. :+1:

Looking at the photos on the Axis site the fuse is quite artistic in design but if you look past all the curves it appears that the bottom of the foil attachment area is at right angles to the mast.

If true that would make fabricating the Gong slide on tube adapter fairly straightforward. Even if the angle was off a few degrees from neutral AOA you could just modify your stance on the board to compensate.

My goal with this is to be able to use it for long term so it really should be correct within 1 degree or so. I really hope someone with this wing and/or the ”black advanced” fuselage can take a measurement!

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Getting there, a few 0.1mm corrections and it’s darn close

Moving on to the draft angle on the sides. This’ll take some iterations.


For the last fit I’v used baking grease (mold release) and plastic film on the wing, added silica thickened epoxy and fixed the adapter in place at the right angle and left to harden. Got great result.

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yes, i’m planning to do the same on the final fit, then the last 0.1mm won’t matter :slight_smile:

Nearly there, i’ll kick off a complete print😄

Why not get a second hand axis fuse, you can get them for a decent price of Facebook and that would open up a huge amount of extra possibilities foil-wise…

I’ve been looking for some time but didn’t find any reasonably priced ones.

Hope someone can provide that info for you. As a last resort you could shim mast board connection to adjust.:grinning:

Do you need the black fuse or does the red also fit? I know there’s a red on for sale in the UK for £110.

bargain, but it needs to be the black fuse. Thanks anyway!

Full adapter on the printer now. Hoping only for minor changes from this design, we’ll see in a few hours :slight_smile:
fuse head1


Fits like a glove😄

Now moving on to making the mold for it.


Nice ! why dont you do a Fillet instead of chanffer ? It will reduces drag losses

I think fillet or chamfer only has a small effect compared to the overall drag (it’s just for looks) :smile:

I started on the mold, small things need to be fixed, like minor undercuts and holes but it doesn’t look too complicated.

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Great idea to make an adapter like this!

I’ve been searching the Web and found a French guy already did the same:

Are you also planning to make your adapter from carbon?

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