B_Uart_LowKvMotor firmware

I am now trying to install a firmware on my flier 400a esc. Problem is after I flashed the frimware it wont connect anymore and i cant make any settings like startup and timing etc,
However every other firmware is able to connect and adjustable.+

Thanks for your suggestions!

Don’t run the broken motor until they have said that they will replace it. You don’t want to do any further damage which may prevent them replacing it…

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If you search that firmware on this forum you will see that, that is correct. Setting adjustments are not possible on that firmware. Flash the firmware, hook up your motor, calibrate your throttle, and test it. The computer program with not work at all with that firmware. If you need to reverse direction, swap motor wires. If you need other adjustments email flier and they will make the adjustments for you and create a custom firmware for you.

ok thats kinda annying. my normal boat 16s firmware is working preaty good, BUT the startup is not good.
Its to hard at the beginning and then it takes some time to start up. On buart low kv its terrible. Sometimes it doesnt even start up and when it does the motor vibrates a lot. Feels like to low PWM.

BUartLowKVmotor works good with my 14s battery. Guys with 12s have had success with other firmwares. Email Flier. They will work with you. It’s possible to get this ESC working well with this motor, but it’s not easy. Not ideal. I wouldn’t recommend someone buy this ESC for this motor. But, mine works fine. I’m still using it.

ok but im also running on 14s what could be the diffrence?

Re-flash the BUartLowKVmotor firmware again. And calibrate your remote throttle. Mine didn’t work at all until I calibrated the throttle. Did you do this step? Did you email flier?

Yep. Exact same thing for me with Flier 400 and flipsky motor. Working on installing the flipsky vesc at the moment.