Banebot gearboxes and motors made in USA

Very interesting. An American manufacturer based in Colorado makes planetary configurable gearboxes :

Possible problem: they have a square shaped flanges and might have to be machined…

P80 : in the 80 usd or £ range

Field proven design first released in 2007
Completely manufactured and assembled in the United States
Relatively small size and weight
Large number of gear ratios from 3:1 to 256:1
Cold rolled 4140 gears and hardened 4140 carrier plates
Lightweight Aluminum ringgear or optional steel ringgear
All components available separately
Custom configurations available

P60: smaller than the P80 - here is a nice insight into the gearbox

B220 4:1 for small pods - 80USD

Your thoughts ?

CAD files for P80:!

What will happen if we use a brushed motor in a waterproof pod ?


nice, I don’t see input RPM max limits at all? Have you talked to them about specs?

Those gearboxes are mostly designed for robotics movement that are rather slow. Let’s wait for the official answer. More than 2500rpm with more than 50% duty cycle would be a nice surprise for the P80.

I had a look at those when I first started out, but remember reading a thread where even in the robotics realm they were not that strong.

Just wondering if to lower the bill, what would be the pros and cons of:
a AC brushed motor with inverter turning at 4-5K without gearbox … ?

Wow that is interesting. Just noticed the location, I live about 5 miles from them! :smiley:

Your board will barely move with brushed motors, for a little while! Pod choked by carbon dust, lots of heat generated… maintenance… I work for a company that produces also marine thrusters, believe me, r&d have invested a lot to reduce brushed motor from the lineup. They are simply cheap and way cheaper to make run. End of pros. Huge list of cons!
The problem in Efoil is not only to lower the motor rpm, but to have the right output shaft speed (propeller shaft) with the highest torque possible. This is where direct drive lacks and to make it up require the utilize of big diameter (hence leverage) outrunner (with all the cooling difficulty).
Brush motors are 20th century’s technology. Anybody is try to move on asynchronous or fixed magnet brushless, where tight budget ain’t a problem.
Asynchronous would be interesting, there are very nice and refined controllers for those motor but I’m afraid sizes vs. power can’t match syncronous brushless (like ours).