Basic Battery Help

Hi there,

I am new to efoil building and am looking to get started building my own foil. I have limited experience in working with electronics and am looking for some guidance with my battery setup. I have already ordered my motor (Flipsky 65161 100 KV), ESC (ZTW Seal 300 A) and remote (Maytech) but I’m not sure what the best battery would be.

I talked to my local hobby shop owner and he would be able to order in whatever I need, likely two 6s batteries connected in series. Does anyone have any suggestions for an ideal voltage, C rating, and MAH?

Thanks for the help.

I would say a minimum of 10000mAh, two 6s packs, 25c, 12s in series.
It should be just enough for you to practice foiling, better upgrade to Li-ion pack moving forward.

Awesome, thanks a lot!