Battery Box 12s8p 24Ah for Sale

Sell my Battery Box

96 x Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh

300A ANT BMS with BT App

Never fully charged and discharge (around 50Ah usage) you can App Statistic

Connectors are xt150

10A Charger

I am selling it because I want to switch to xt90 connections and do not want to destroy the seals

I’m Asking for 1000€, located in Germany. Shipping is no Problem


where you got the housing?€%2B36%2C64%2B|%2BE-bike%2BLithium%2Bbattery%2Bcase%2BFor%2B18650%2Bbattery%2Bpack%2BIncludes%2Bholder%2Band%2Bpure%2Bnickel%2BCan%2Bbe%2Bplaced%2B104%2Bpieces%2Bcells&platform=AE&terminal_id=ffe8e3858d384556b4bcbfbfccf6fdac

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hello ser
lipo cells?

This Cells: Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A - 18650 - Li-ion - Wiederaufladbare Batterien | NKON

nominal volts 3,6V per cells. 12 cells in serie: 12 x 3,6V = 43,2 volts

fully charge: 12 x 4.2V = 50,4Volts

This Battery Box will work for your set up from this Post. Please help me find the right battery - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) -