Battery Case Alternative

Hello all,

After @Wardy accident with his beautiful build (RIP), I’ve decided to look into how I could protect my investment and improve my battery case situation. Here is what my battery looked like:

The outer layer is a giant Ziploc bag then you have a rubbery mat wrapping around the pack and 2 layers of kapton tape everywhere on the cells and bus bars.

After hearing about fireproof storage bags/compartments, I decided to look for a fireproof bag that would fit my battery pack. I found one for cheap on Amazon.

Now, I’m sure if a cell decided to blow up, this bag won’t be able to stop it but I still feel better about having this extra layer of protection that hopefully will never come handy. Ohh yeah, the bag is also waterproof. I wouldn’t submerse it though but in the event that some water gets into the compartment, it would definitely keep it out of the battery pack.


Pretty cool idea! It’s water resistant, not waterproof, but I’m guessing you could waterproof it with some efforts. Are the sides firm? Would it compress down to 4" depth in a smaller compartment, as the specs say 5"? 16x12x5, would it stretch to 13"?

The bag feels like a thick rubbery fabric so it can be compressed down to the height of the battery pack with no issues! The sides are not firm, the thick rubbery fabric is the same for the whole bag! It won’t stretch much but my pack is a bit over 12in and it fits fine (not too tight). I believe they have bigger sizes too.

One thing to take into consideration is that this bag has the zipper in the middle so even if it’s 16in wide, my battery that is 11in wide by 3 1/4 tall was a fairly tight fit in the opening. They have bags with a zipper all round which would allow a bigger pack to get in more easily!

You think it would be tough to put a couple holes in it and secure some cable glands?

It looks like a tough fabric but I think with a very sharp blade or even a drill it would work!

It keeps fire out; will it keep fire in?

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