Battery case for efoil

Has anyone ever thought of dismantling a lipo battery and spreading out the cells in a custom 3d printed case that would be waterproof and would basically have a base that holds the esc and reciever would be mounted to the bottom of the board in front of the mast and the battery would slide in and the connections would connect when fully slid in to place. Working on sketch’s right now.

Very rough sketch. Haha

I think if you make this effort you can directly build a Li-Ion battery pack, this way you can make everything full custom and you have a more reliable and also maybe cheaper pack.

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That’s essentially what I’m aiming for.

Easy enough to make a pack just you need a decent flux for the lipo tabs or the solder wont stick. I took apart some 5000mah packs to make a 10000mah flat pack

Then added the balance leads for a charging bms


ideally buy a full "diy electric skateboard pack and convert the motors to run a prop

Thank you for the pictures that’s my plan but it’ll be probably 2 or 3 cells tall we will see. Helps a lot

What charger are you using

I was using this one for charging and discharging

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Well I got to designing the battery case and the dock that will hold the esc and receiver. Still working on it been at it for 6 hr non stop. Keep in mind I’m still trying to figure out this cad program.

Adjusted some things still need to adjust some more stuff and then going to hit the printer

48 hours into printing.

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That’s crazy long :smile: what printer and filament are you using?

Taz 5 with 1.75 pla running .18mm layers and going at 30mm/s

dandydan you can print a lot faster. i assume you have a .4 nozzle?
70mm/s is no problem.
I’m printing 75mm/s .42mm layer height with a .6 nozzle. petg
pla is nearly the same…

Ok ya that’d make stuff print so much faster I have a .5 tip

Had problems with my printer extruder broke on me but here are some stuff that’s getting done with the dock and battery pack.