Battery Mounting For Efoil

Hey, Im looking to build a pretty powerful board, around 9kw max. I have a battery I would like to use as its the biggest cost. It is 72v 30ah LifeP04. It’s dimensions are 260240160 mm( inches). Im having trouble figuring out how it would mount to the board as it is so thick. Are there top mount batteries? Honestly just looking for ideas if yall have any. I could make my own board that is… 8 inches thick but that is a little over my knowledege.


I suggest you use the search function of the forum to read up on the risks associated with the high voltage and type of battery you are considering

Yeah, I understand the risks but this project is fully based around the battery.

In this case, use it as an an anchor…

Yeah? Just too big? Heavy? Or what? I might turn it into a 16s flat pack.

Yes, both but maily too heavy, the battery should not weight more than 10 to 12kg, otherwise you get a heavy setup. Thicknes of 16cm for the battery is also too much. Power density of lifepo is also quite a bit lower than LiIon or LiPo.


Typically you want to match capability of the battery, Vesc and Motor to achieve the desired result. If you use a 70V battery you are making it harder to achieve that match while increasing the shock/safety risk and in reality won’t yield any performance gain over a 50V setup. The world speed record on efoil is 55km/h and most people foil at approximately 30km/h all achievable using a lower,safer system voltage.

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Alright, I had a feeling that was gonna be the case. Im used to big diy ebikes where voltage is the name of the game. Its just so efficient. Ill look into building a pack. What is the wattage draw like? 5kw to start? 2 to cruise?