Battery Pack from China

Hi everyone,

I started an E-Foil project last Year and I am happy with my work so far. But I have some problems finding the perfect battery. On Aliexpress I found the following product, which fits my requirements perfectly and seems to be a very save setup with reasonable price. Does anyone have some experiments with products live these, is it save to use and are the specs are true?
Thanks to everyone

They are selling that battery for 20% less then the cost of just buying quality loose cells like the Samsung 30q.

Their ad doesn’t say what what type of cell is used in this pack. I wouldn’t risk it. I don’t trust buying quality cells from China either. There have been many documented cases of counterfeit cells being sold.


I totally agree! I know that buying a pack that’s already assembled from China could be appealing but cheap is actually expensive when it comes to efoils. Don’t try to cut corner buying a sketchy battery. It is most likely not even worth what you’d pay for. Get yourself some authentic cells and make your own. You’ll sleep much better at night too!

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