Battery Pack nicked cell damage

Pried open a battery pack that needed a replacement case and new electrical system and managed to clip one of the batteries. It didn’t completely puncture it, but it looks as though I’ve managed to render this pack unusable/unsafe to say the least. I’ve put it in my fire box and away from EVERYTHING for safe keeping for now Looking to see how to dispose/sell this pack or if possible replace the cell. Looking at all options here if anyone has any ideas, would love to hear from this group. I do Have the replacement casing and electronics and have successfully completed fixing 6 other packs, unfortunately I knew it was only a matter of time before I’d clip one of these batteries, picture attached for reference. Thoughts, suggestions, opinions are gratefully accepted.

How have you been fixing other packs? You should be able to dissect the cell out and replace it with a matching replacement… It is a bit tough to gauge the capabilities of the cell tho to replace it with one that wont mess with the array. Do you have a donor pack with other used cells that might have a similar characteristic?

Also, where did you get your hands on so many busted packs :flushed:


Hi Mo,
Thanks for your response. To answer a few of your questions, I’ve gotten to the learning curve stage of dissecting a battery to the point where I can put it back together without touching the cells once I’ve peeled the casing off and transfer the BMS and new balancer connections to the new casings. I see that the cell can be replaced with the right tools and safety precautions in place. That’s where I’m at now. It makes more sense to give this job to someone with more knowledge than me which in the long run will help them put together a real nice battery pack if they are successful in switching out the bad cell.
On how was I able to get my hands on so many packs is, I’m doing a favor for one of my board suppliers. Some of the batteries they had been using needed knew balancers installed. I’ve been helping them with that.