Battery pack on Amazon

Hi. I’ve just begun researching my build. I been enjoying this sight and can’t wait to fly!
I found these batteries on Amazon. They say that they are a whopping 65ah 12v. I think 4 could fit in a board for a 48v system. Has BMS, can be hooked in series and is waterproof.

Looks good. But 4 will be hard to fit in the board i think

$940 for 4 no…expensive imo but if you have the cash then could be a good option

Yes, it would take up some space. I’m thinking about putting them in line down the middle in front of the mast in a space that’s 955x240mm. The other option is 478x478mm but that would require a pretty wide board. I like that they are lighter than fliteboard’s 40ah battery with a higher capacity. Rated for 100a continuous discharge and over 3000 cycles according to the manufacturer.

The high quality 18650 cells I found online from a reputable website were running $4.20 each. It would take 120 to come up with a 44.4v 30ah pack. That would be $504 before tax, shipping, BMS plus the labor. More money per ah than these.

So it’s a 4s26p setup if it’s 18650 cells?

65Ah ÷ 2.5 = 26

So they are 2500mah cells. 26 in parallel And 4 in series for 12v. If so it would be 104 cells per battery.

If this is the case, you could rewire it to 8s13p. That would be 32.5Ah but only 50a continuous. So, you’d haver run two parallel, 65Ah.

But at this point, you might as well build one from scratch! :rofl::call_me_hand::beers:

I don’t think these are made with 18650 cells. 104 18650 cells would weigh 4.7kg and take up much more space. These packs weigh 3kg with the hard case. Probably lifepo4 3.2v with 4 in series. If I used these packs I would design around the size and voltage in order to use as is.

The ad states 12.6v max charging. That would indicate a 3s 3.7v configuration. I asked the seller about the exact configuration and battery type. Now I’m curious about how they got so much capacity in a small package.

I think it has 36 21700 5000mah cells in a 3s12p configuration. The size, weight and ah works out.

Correction…39 cells 3s13p for 65ah.

Yes. I see in the picture, 7 sets of 3 on top and 6 sets on the bottom.

I see!

In my opinion, you should just build your own battery!

But, if you go with these please keep the community updated.


I looked up the price of the 21700 cells. $6 each. 39 costs $234.

I would still choose to build my own.
I bought cells from IMR. Great company to deal with. I would recommend them.

But, quality cells aren’t cheap. I agree with that.

Thank you. I’ll look into that site for batteries. I do like the 21700 cells. 5ah and high discharge rate. It definitely would be more practical to use 2 packs this size with 36 cells each in a 6s6p configuration for 30ah.

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