Battery protected with Epoxy

Has anyone tried to apply a layer of Epoxy covering completely a LiIon battery? Any problem? Heat dissipation?
I have read a similar topic on waterproofing a LiPo but with little feedback.
I understand that there is no way to repair the battery once covered by epoxy but I think that the biggest risk is flooding more than a cell failing and having to be exchanged.
Any thoughts on this?

It is better to fill everything together with BMS with a two-component heat-conducting compound for electronics. It is easily removed.

@Anatoly, thanks.
Have you tested it? With which compound?

bad idea because the resin is brittle and will crack when deformed

I filled them with the Bluetooth module and ESC.

And the remote control screen. It is transparent and not transparent.

@Anatoly what compound did you use?

Transparent for the remote control. For esc, it is not transparent. I bought it at a local electronics store.