Battery Sale | $80 multistar-high-capacity-6s-12000mah-multi-rotor-lipo-pack

Unfortunately Hobby king wont let me put more than one in my cart.

Same unfortunately looks like only 1 per customer.

I’m sorry all looks like 1 per customer. That is the first time I’ve noticed anything like that on My apologies.

With shipping that does not really make sense. Furthermore the 12000mAh 6s is not suitable for most of us. I`ve blown a 16000 10C already because it got to hot with about 50A cont. discharge…!
Better look for 25C HRB or Tattoo on aliexpress;-)

My thought was I could run 4 batteries 2P2S. I prefer to stay away from running the batteries in parallel anyways.

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@carved do you have experience with aliexpress tattoo or HRB batteries? I.e are there capacity and C ratings correct? Any links to ones you have used?

What format did you have the battery/batteries in?

Two of 10C discharge rated batteries in parallel should be fine as far as discharge capacity goes. I’ve got four 10C 6S batteries in a 2S2P format.

These batteries and other 6s work just fine if you have these in at least a 2p format. A single battery with a “rated” discharge max of 10C is not enough, as you found out, but 2p+ is fine.

That being said, I’d always aim to stay well below the rated continuous discharge max of 10C , e.g. bank on 8C or less.

On second thought that performance is pretty terrible unless you had prevented the battery from transferring heat. Better batteries, or more cells in || will heat a lot less. If you had these batteries with any reasonable cooling a 10C rated 16AH at 50A should have kept pretty cool. What were the battery(ies) encased in?

Consider surrounding the batteries with a low melting temperature parafin or soy candle wax as a medium for the batteries to store heat. The wax will take a while to exceed the melting temperature due to a super sweet effect often referred to as the latent heat of transformation (phase change). By that time your ride should be done.

Disclaimer: I have no idea whether your battery can actually be OK with staying at that wax melt (~50 deg kiwigrade). Worth considering tho!