Battery temperatures?

Hello everybody,

I would like to get your thoughts on weather I should make my battery enclosure lid out of 6mm aluminium, or 10mm Polycarbonate. I already have both available so cost isnt an issue. I am going to use 2x 6s 30Ah Tattu lipos, and my only concern is weather I will need to get heat away from the enclosure. How warm are your batteries getting? My ESC will be water cooled, so no worries there.

mine about 45°C, look at the tp battery watercooling plate

aluminum is definitively better at transferring heat. But 6mm sounds to me very heavy! is it an alternative with maybe 2mm aluminum and lots of screws? it depends on the size and configuration though.

Being able to see through the PC is a nice feature. Also keep in mind that Aluminium is very good at blocking signals!

The lid will be about 320x380 and machine screws are at 80ish mm centres. I want to make sure the ali or PC doesnt deflect much when I torque down the screws, and as its designed now there are already 14 of them. I think weight will be comparable to the 10mm PC. 6mm does sound heavy when you mention it. It dosent seem to heavy when you pick it up.
Im going to run a hard line to a throttle on a SUP paddle to start, so no remote issues for me just yet.

See my box on my built , you can go 2-6-2mm, 6 mm cut in the box

I had a box all ready to go, and was going to put in a heatsink like you have. Ive decided to build everything into the board instead. Those water cooling plates look useful, but I already have two water cooling hoses going into the ESC, and that is two more than I would like. 45 degrees will probably be OK with the batteries. I think aluminium might be the right choice for a bit of passive cooling.