Bec, what’s a good option for 12s?

Been looking at the flycolor esc’s just to try something new, they are cheap but seem to require bec to drive the receiver. I started looking for options and i’m thinking wtf?

A bec is just a small dc-dc converter and they go for something like 20-30eur!!

I’d rather fix something up myself (or get another esc) than pay half the price of the esc for a dcdc…

I must be missing something?

I use inexpensive 2A 8-55V buck convertors, which are about 25mm long, from ali or the bay.

Search for DC-DC 8V-55V to 5V Buck Step Down Converter 2A

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I use one of these, you should be able to find one for a reasonable price.


Thanks guys, i knew it can be fixed with a non rc stepdown, just too long shipping and too many options. I did find the mateksys micro locally for 10eur with the right search criteria, that’s ok for me. Great tip :+1:

But isn’t it weird, the esc anyway has a 5V supply internally to supply the chips, why not make an output… there’s always a receiver!

(I know it’s too little to power a servo)

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just use a TO220 5v L7805 converter. use 2s for it. Just connect to 2 cell rows of your battery. This will not give imbalance to the pack, as the current of the receiver is soooo small

Matek all the way. The tiny of for 5V or the big one up to 3S (12V)