Beluga Efoil Project : V2 - Summer 2021

Busy Summer with the design and tests of a new version of our Beluga efoil Project

Many trials and errors for this new torpedo, but we are on the right track for V3.

Waterproof battery : 12kg (12s12p - 35E / 42AH)
Total weight : 17kg
Diameter : 20cm
Lenght : 1.2m

Video :


Interesting approach… What is the advantage having everything inside underwater torpedo vs traditional battery “in the board” setup?

Easy! (1) You don’t need an efoil board, you can use ANY foil board. (2) You can mount torpedo at top or bottom of mast so you could use as efoil or wave assist.

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Exactly @tylerclark !!!

You can use any wing foil board… And it is more challenging than a batt + esc in the board.

To preserve board integrity, kind of PWR foil solution…
We could imagine a cylinder full of batteries close to the board and balanced between the rider’s legs (kind of submarine looking) and a “traditional” efoil motor close to the foil fuselage.

What if the foil fuselage is discarded and the torpedo is used as a fuselage itself, with wings and mast connected to it. This way the drag and weight of the original foil fuselage will be discarded too.