Bent axis on Flipsky 65161

Anyone else experienced that an off-centre mounted propeller has caused the motor axis to bend on a Flipsky 65161?

Have tried to summarize my investigation in this 2 minute video

Have contacted Banggood from who I bought it to see what they say.


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An off balance prop would never bend a 12mm steel shaft, must’ve been something else. Transport damages, a strike during riding etc.

I saw the video and it seems the threaded part is bent? This is not where the propeller should be seated so the problem is the prop. It’s quite off center, didn’t this show already the first time it was spun?

It is not the 12mm axis that is bent, just the outer part of the threaded 8mm part.

I never thought I needed to examine how well centered the props is when I first received it. But now I noticed it was very hard to remove the prop and started to investigate what caused that. And I found that the axis is bent on the outermost part of the threaded section.

One would expect that it most likely is caused by running on ground with the prop but I have never noticed doing that. And I have had a propeller guard on most of the time. And there are no scratches on the prop blades. So it must have been something else causing it.