Best foil for efoil

I’ve been following the forum for at least a year now with the idea to build my own setup. I program and have access to 2 large 5 axis routers, a waterjet, mills, lathes, 3d printers… well pretty much a full on machine shop. Along with that is miles of carbonfiber and huge blocks of eps foam that we make molds from.
I modeled up a couple different wings but didn’t want to go through the mold making process without knowing they would fly. The next step I’m thinking is just buy a setup and use it for the first build. Having surfed all my life but never foiled I’m not sure which one to get based off of using it for an efoil.
I don’t really want to spend a ton on it because I’ll more than likely 3d scan it so I can make some changes to it. I’m thinking 1 piece mast and fuseladge with motor mount built in. I’d be a pretty light rider at around 140lbs. Any ideas on what foil setup to start with?