Best glue for gluing magnets to the stator

Hi guys

Trying to find a better glue than epoxy raisin for gluing the magnets to the stator.
70141 magnets come off the stator.
Seems like epoxy is not great for that aplication because of the heat .
Metal epoxy is not good as well because magnetic field pulls it to one side

There are specific adhesives for magnet bonding, however they are expensive. A correctly formulated epoxy will do the job - you’ll find it with a google:

You can try UHU PLUS. It is very strong and resistant to high temperatures.
Back in the day we used it to glue the resonance pipes of radio controlled helicopters.
For maximum strength it is good to heat it with a hot air gun.

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Agree! Have used it on some difficult repairs.

Hi Alex. I have had the same issue with my 70131 and have used 2216 from 3M. This is a slightly flexible high quality “space qualified” bonding material that bonds well to metals. I don’t remember what the max temperature is for this material but we used to cure it in a (vacuum) oven around 80-90*C.
After I have machined away the bonding material to close to the magnets I will wrap a high strength thread around the magnets and reapply 2216. This to let the embedded thread take the strain rather then the bonding material.
Hope it works out well for you.

You can see the thin thread in the bonding material. I cure it at 80C but it can withstand temperatures between about -250 to +150C aprox.