Best prop + Duct design

Hey guys! First off thanks so much for all the info everyone shares on this site. I have learned a ton!
I am in the process of building a full carbon efoil and will be using the Maytech MTI65162 Motor + 300A ESC. A propeller came with it, but I have not heard good things about the prop they supply. Does anyone know of a good prop and duct setup I should use? or maybe some STL files I can use? 3 blades or 4? flat or rounded blades? etc…? any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome sbender05…
what does your prop mount look like, spline, shear pin or other?

spline shaft with a threaded end for a nut.

Thanks for the reply BTW. Also, I am 160lbs and my brother who will also be riding it is around 200lbs if that changes anything