Best rig for a newbie

I have been efoiling for a couple of years now and I would like to transition to wing foiling. Actually, I’m thinking if using my efoil as a tow for a foil for the surf. Any suggestions what rig (foil and board) for an old guy

If you want a wingfoil board that is

  • 1 gentle in case of impact,
  • 2 compact during transport,

go for an inflatable board, volume = your weight + 30 litres.
A set (inflatable board + foil + 5sqm wing ) ranges from 1000usd€ to 2500€.

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What wing do you recommend? I’m looking for easy, pretty much a lazy foiler

Where are you located? Did you have foils already from efoiling?

Gong makes pretty cheap beginner setup.

In Florida
Looking for SUP hydrofoil for the Florida baby waves