Best value motor for efoil

Trying to figure out best motor for my diy efoil build. I started with the 65111 160kv Flipsky motor which did not have enough power at it’s rated limits. Running it at above the limits at 13s and motor current at 70A was still not enough to get you up to foil. Maybe 4MPH. If I was able to run it at 120A continuous, then maybe I think it would work but not sure what it would do to motor. Ive seen people posting they have been able to flat water efoil with 6384 motors but with the results I got from the 65111, I don’t see how that’s possible. I know some people weigh less or have more efficient setups but most 6384 motors I see have max amps of 100 or less and most can’t run over 12s. I have also heard of people using a 63100 motor but those seem to be limited as well on voltage and current. Is the only option the 65161 motor or bigger? For EFoiling. I know there’s a lot of options, just looking for the best value/cheapest that can get me EFoiling.

There is no real “best” motor for efoil. A lot depends on what you want to achieve with it. Some like speed, others like efficiency, and then other just want an assist…

I am 95kg and have used 6374, 6384, geared units and 65161 successfully…

The motor you have should be enough to get you up on an efficient foil of its set up correctly.
And by that i mean propped correctly, esc set up correctly, the right techniques to get up on efoil.

I can ride a 6384 140kv on 10s with a 24L board. It uses 80A for takeoff and once I’m up that drops right down. However, I don’t bother standing up until the board is on the plane. This is where 90% of efoilers all make their mistake. They try to stand too early and then the motor needs more power to get the board to the right speed for takeoff.

I’d say run on 12 or 14s, set the esc to 100a battery current and 150a phase current.
If the motor burns out, then replace the motor with a bigger motor.

What prop are you using? If its the one that comes with the motor, then you need a better prop…

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Thanks for the response Jezza. I haven’t found anyone with a successful efoil using 65111. That should of been a sign. This motor with such a low current rating can’t get up on foil without more current. I am a heavier person weighing around 210lbs but at 80 amps I can barely feel the board moving though peak recommended amps is 70. Maybe was able to get few miles an hour. I experimented and set motor current to 120A and put it in my hot tub and I feel like that’s the power I need for me and my setup to get successfully EFoiling. Main thing is that current is a bit above what it’s rated for, not sure how long the motor can take that kind of power. Luckily I did buy from Amazon which makes it easy to make a return which I might do and swap for a 65161 where I can safely run at 180A for the initial get up and go for my weight. What you think? This is my setup below.

210lbs is 95kg, so you are the same weight as me. I’m not sure what prop that is? But you may very well have over propped the motor meaning it simply can’t get to the correct rpm because it doesn’t have enough torque.

There are lots of variables at play. What voltage are you running at?

The prop is an iteration of the folding prop but made to fit on this motor, made by user “surfingelectronics”. I think it has the same sized prop and pitch as the original folding prop many have been using on their foil drives/assist. Maybe since it’s meant for foil assist, and I need something more suited for actual efoiling? I am running on 13s.

You think it would be better just to return this motor since it’s not rated for much power and upgrade to the 65161?

The ”rated” current for the motor can be surpassed mostly, the water creates excellent cooling. I’d try to test it in the bathtub with increasing current and hold it to sense the heating. Up to 150A for a few seconds might be ok, if you just can get lift onto foil with your board then current will drop quickly.

The problem with inrunners like the 65111 is the lower airgap diameter and resulting lower torque lever when compared to an outrunner. This, and the seals stealing stator width can make a relatively large motor lower in torque.

try it with 3 blade 5inch pitch propeller, diameter 140 - 150mm, it will lift you up easily

This is good advice!

With your 95kg, what do you use to get these numbers ?

  • prop :
  • ESC :
  • P number and autonomy :
  • battery current / phase current :
  • ?

-3d printed prop in PLA from Thingiverse. (Been too lazy to design my own)
-Arc200 esc
-Samsung 25r 4P…burning them far too hot but they a temporary solution.
-battery current set to 100a max and phase set to 150 max. I hit max phase on takeoff and then it comes down.

  • if I carve constantly then the system sits near their maxes and batteries become a pan to cook eggs on…