Beta Foils Freefoil - insane new pumping record of 2,5h

Wake thief just uploaded a new video of a Canadian company producing a double mast pumping foil and board. Enjoy…

Incredibly this foil seems to have broken world record for longest continuous pumping of 2,5h.
With such a board being easy to start, it has the potential to change the market. For example I can see efoilers who anyway go only for exploring switch to such a pumping board.

At this point I would say very pricy, but for sure it is possible to DIY a copy of that wing for private use!



The way to go for ultra HA wings. Two thin masts being stiffer and faster than a thick one, less drag and less woble. In addition for efoils, you can install an inexpensive motor on each mast :wink:
There is an uncertainty on the two thin fuselages and a possible woble issue on the stab.

It would be interesting to see how long you could efoil on the gong sirus wings. They are super HA and the guys are pumping them for almost an hour…

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Yeah that looks super cool. Exorbitant price but I wonder how hard it would be to make something like that.

Really pushing HA aspect wings a bit further and definately opens this pumping to a wider crowd :+1:

If someone would scan one…