Bezugsquelle Neugart PLE 40 5:1? - supply source Neugart PLE 40 5:1?

Hi zusammen,

bin auf der Suche nach einer Bezugsquelle für o.g. Getriebe in Deutschland… um den Bau eines eFoils (inspiriert von Pacificmeister) - Anrufe bei Neugart blieben erfolglos - kein Verkauf an Privatkunden :wink: Hat jemand Beziehungen oder ne Quelle?

i am searchin for an supply source for the Neugart Gearbox. In Germany they said they won´t sell B2C. Can somebody help?

Sometimes used on ebay and

i had the same problem. I bought it from the local wholesaler who ordered it from Neugart. But it isn´t cheap… Over 300 €!

I am using a modified nema 23 and it is working perfect. It costs about 50 euros. Maybe this is another option for you

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Hi @Nibbler. Would you mind yo provide more details about your nema 23 modifications?

There are pictures an a description in my build thread. Just search for nibbler. :wink: