Big service for my gearbox Neugart PLE 40 - how much grease to put?

As I’m going to sell my efoil, I decided to make a big service on everything, and the most challenging for me is the gearbox Neugart PLE 40. I had more and more noise coming from the propulsion unit so I first changed the motor, and now I work on the gearbox. I first asked the Neugart’s seller from my country (Switzerland) the price for a check service, they didn’t want to do it and wanted me to buy a new one. I then insisted and asked them to at least send me a few small components so I can do it by myself and they agreed. First challenge was to know how to open everything.
The first part which contains the coupler for the motor came out when I tried to separate the motor from the gearbox (here after cleaning).

It is for me one of the main problem with the Pacific Meister system, it’s very complicated to separate the motor from the gearbox after some time, the access to the screw via the small hole in the 3d printed piece is ok, but even after having removed it, and pulled back as strong as could, it was just impossible. So I had to cut the PLA piece to have a better access and worked with 2 screwdrivers to have leverage where I could to separate the motor from the gearbox.
Then you have to unscrew the screws on the side of the gearbox and everything goes out direction motor.
And how my god it looked quite bad

I inspected everything and beside having to clean and change all the grease, I realised that I’ll have to change:

  • 2 of the 3 bearings. (not smooth rotating, quite noisy)
  • the 4 washers that are located under the 4 pinions. One was almost totally destroyed and the 3 others have like this center mark, like to maintain the pinions in place. But when I received the new ones, which are like any normal washer, I understood that no, this mark come from the pinions that “digged” in the washer

Now big applause for the “so expensive and professional” Neugart guys who put the wrong kind of circlip here

And here are some images

I bought the new bearings at a local shop, the reference is 6901NSE dimensions: 12 x 24 x 6
Then I started the cleaning, the grease was almost dried, and I had some solid black shit really hard to remove, so I decided to use my “aérogommeuse” (sorry I don’t know the name in english, it’s a very precise and low pressure sand machine), it worked then so fast and easy, but now my pieces are all mat.

Following the advice from a pro I bought this high temperature lithium grease which is priced ok (24 euros) compared to the crasy expensive one recommended by Neugart.

Now comes my question: how much grease do I have to put? Do I need to fill all the space with it?


Thanks for sharing those info Fabien ! Also, I think someone on the forum said you have to fill 1/3 with grease ?

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Thanks for this post, actually KLUEBER advises me to fill 1/3 of grease.
On this subject I am waiting for the answer of the company EFRAPO to have a price list for the grease KLUBERSYNTH GE44

I use gearoel in my PLE 60 gears and in my Alpha gears…
80w90 for scooter gears…
Greetings Frank

A year ago I asked Neugart for a mass purchase for the forum. There wasn’t enough demand. Anyway, the sales rep told me that they would recommend filling it with thin oil instead for high speed applications.

I cleaned my reisanauer gearbox many time , I tried several fill up , I would not put that much 1/4 to 1/3 fill up, the extra grease will go to the place isn’t needing and may add extra work on the gears
So I would mount the needles bearing with grease and put some around the inside tooth , shaft … that is all …

For sure it is better to put little and change it every 20h

@Fabien_n Can you give us the dimensions of the needles and washers (Id/Od and Tk) that I’m starting to look at on 123 bearings? Thank you.