Bill of material / assembly tips and tricks

Hey Guys, I am a kitesurfer/foiler and electric bike rider but I know nothing about eFoil and I now want to build one. As I’d better ask rather than do it all by myself, do you guys have all ready bill of materials / supplier lists / build sequence tips and tricks etc…? … that I could use to build something in a timely manner? I am happy to replicate someone’s build that works great. If you are happy with your equipment, can you share all the details with me? Thanks!

Greetings! I think the information you are looking for is available in most of the builds in corresponding section. You can check out mine, there is a part list (newcomer build). I am going to repeat my build soon with minor improvements, if you are interested let me know

Hey mate, thanks for the prompt reply. Ok I’ll have a look at your build (right now!) and yes I am interested to follow what’s coming next. I know by experience that it is a lot better to learn from others rather than learning from scratch! Talk soon.

On this forum… is there a way to see all the posts by a certain individual? I couldn’t find that function. If not, can you send me the name of the thread that included your build information? Thanks a lot! -Marc