Bixpy? Electric motor

Has anyone attempted this motor/battery setup?
Not sure it’d produce enough thrust but still new and trying to catch up to you guys!


I can’t find real motor power or thrust numbers, but voltage is relatively low (25.9 Volts) and the whole thing will be designed for low speed cruising in a kayak or on a SUP, so very likely no enough to foil.

I wrote to them and got a pretty fast reply.

Thank you for reaching out and for your interest in our products.

Our thruster put out roughly the equivalent power to a MinnKotta 30.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Which I’m assuming that she meant the Minn Kota 30 trolling motor. It puts out about 30lbs.

I’m still digging but haven’t found what is needed to accelerate to plane then maintain lift.

BTW! great forum! thanks.

Numbers around that topic vary, but 20-30kg are the rough range I guess. So that is a bit too low.

So I just found this.

Whats your opinion there?

36V 49A max output

I think I’d upgrade the prop as well to the power prop.

The thrust should be enough and the maximum power seems sufficient too. But still one would need to test it in reality and this thing is very expensive, just for the propulsion unit. A 80100 motor costs around 180$ and you need just a prop and some 3D printing to complete the propulsion unit.

Thanks for the intel. I guess I need to read more. I thought the motors and drive reduction boxes were burning up after short periods of time.

More R&D.

You need to separate geared drives and direct drives. The latter don’t have a gearbox and are thereby cheaper and less prone to failure.

I get it, just not up to speed on what motors need what yet. Thank you for the input.

Looking forward to getting flying.

I’m working with Scubajet, with 44lbs of thrust (and I work for Scubajet). I think I’ll end up using two jets to generate enough power for liftoff.

If you are looking for 2 jets, you may chech Mark’s remarkable work on a pond with a cheap HK motor on cheap 6S HK ESC with the drives he builts himself. Search for youngsters jet on YouTube. A great character too :slight_smile: