Blank.. XPS or EPS?

I’m about to start making a blank for my 2nd build (jetboard).

Now a lot of people suggest to use XPS instead of EPS as XPS is harder and the cells are closed.
But. a lot of people are also suggesting to use EPS as XPS seems to delaminate really easy.

Also. The plan is to build the blank like so (with vacuum bag) :

However some days ago a person here ( @Restless ) showed me another way of doing this. (Carbon fiber and no vacuum bag):

I do not have any experience with CF, however I think that CF is the same as glass.

What do you guys think?
XPS?? EPS??? Vacuum bagging or not??? Glass or CF??

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I’m going to be building one soon with higher density eps, but I’ve heard people using either for boards.

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XPS is crap to shape and relatively heavy. You can laminate straight over 28kgM2 EPS and it will be strong enough, exept for the standing area which will need a pvc sandwich to prevent heel dents.
Forget vacuum, not worth it. I use a 200gsm CF twill under a 200-300gsm plain weave s glass. Look for one that drapes well. Not all of them do. I also sandwich a 200gsm CF under 3mm pvc core in the standing area.


Sounds like a good plan!
EPS it will be!

Pink panther XPS can be shaped, but as @michion says, it’s difficult and easy to mess up. I use it to build plugs for parts - it’s readily available and cheap at hardware stores in the US.

Regarding vacuum bagging, it is definitely useful for more complex shapes / parts and for building long lasting plugs / molds. Wet layup with a vacuum assist, infusion, & vacuum bagging in the oven with prepreg are a core part of my building process. It does add complications and costs…

Composite Envisions has a great selection of vacuum bag materials. A decent, cheap pump is readily available from Amazon. @virus YouTube channel is a go-to for knowledge on that process.

In the US, it’s hard to find the EPS. FGCI is pretty good and has this EPS blank.


look into greenlight surf supply eps foam blanks

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I do not think that they will have a blank that I will be needing for my jetboard!

You can order any size for eps , they have a guide on how to request any thickness , rocker etc. if you contact them you can prob buy just a solid block of foam

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Thank you for the info.
As I’m in Europe, I do not think shipping will be cheap.
Also. I am going to give this DIY’ing a blank myself a go. If it’s a big fail I will try again and again. :slight_smile:

Local concrete supply store had some higher density stuff. Just brought this home today… Hopefully get the cnc cutting it next week.


Also @Wade told me about buying foam from sign shops. Apparently they typically stock thick pieces of EPS.


Does anyone have a recommendation for 1.5 or 2 pcf EPS construction foam? I can get a full sheet of 5" thick material in either density. Is it worthwhile using the 1.5 pcf and save some 1.5 pounds of weight, or is the extra strength worth it? I am planning to use a 6-8 pcf insert 1" thick for the foil mount, and 2 layer patches on the bottom, 3 layers in battery box 6 pound cf twill. Top and bottom 6 pound cf 2x2 twill and 6 pound glass.