BMS high current

Hi, at the moment I am searching for a BMS for charging and discharging.

Anyone of you using this one?

I already wrote a message to the seller for more information about the current and protection.


Hi, I use this in the 200A version. It works fine.

Do you also use the display?
App is working?
What charger do you use?

Display is useless for me, because I built it in the battery, covered everything in silicone.
I use the app via bt and it works fine.
I bought a 15A 50V charger from ali. Charging time is about 2-2.5h for 50Ah 12S.

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Perfect, thx for the Info.
Do you use it also for discharging?

Yes, for discharge too.

I use it for charging only. You can set a lot of things in the app. Charged maybe 50 cycles of my 14s11p battery and works great.

@Rienk @jezypeti is there anything special required in the charger you use, or just a normal CC charger and this BMS takes care of balancing and end of charge disconnect?

I have a charger for 14s constant current than constant voltage. Bms controls the cell balance and some safety features like battery temp

It takes care of your battery. You don’t need anything else than a charger. If you use for discharge, it don’t let your battery fully empty, or discharge more than you setup in the app. You can setup your balance voltage too. Mine starts balancing at 4V and balances the cells to 0,005V difference between cells, and stops chargeing at 4,1V.

Can you provide a link to the chargers you use?

I use this one:

€ 84,68 27%OFF | YZPOWER 14S 58.8V 10A 11A 12A 13A 14A 15A Lithium Li-Ion Lipo Batterij Lader voor 48V Batterij

It is for 14s, I have the 15A version but it is charging with 13,9A. I measured the efficientcy and it is ~80%.

I have the yzpower charger too, but for 12s.

Do you have a Link to the 12s one?

I got following Info for the 300A Version.

100A permanent and 300A for 10 seconds.

i have the bms now.
But i didnt have the app. Can you send me the app or a link to the app?

I’m using an app called vbms

ok, with this app everthing is possible to set up?

A few seconds ago i found this one

It seems it also works.