Board building shaping

Hey guys I’ve had a pain in the ass shaping my board and turns out I can’t use it because the initial shape was to thin for my design so I’m looking for someone who has a cnc milling machine that could milk the board for me. Im in Colorado USA somewhere close to me preferably. Thank you

I’ve been experimenting with Fusion 360 to Shopbot CNC. I’ve been practicing with 1.5# foam, but I’m looking to track down some 2# foam for my final version. My Shopbot is extremely slow. I’m sure we can work out some sort of arrangement if you cover the costs of the foam and the shipping.

Where you located and how long roughly does it take time wise to shape a board

I’m in Florida. It takes my Shopbot an entire day to carve a whole board.

Shit I was just in Tampa haha I might be going back in about 2-3 weeks what would it cost if you were to get the foam and milk a 5’x 2.5” board rough cost.

I’m sure we can figure something out. Do you have a design of your own though? I haven’t made anything as tiny as 2.5" in height. That’s crazzzy!

Sorry 2.5’ where in Florida are you. I can maybe design it in A360 and send it to you so you can see I can maybe send it over tonight

In Tampa. We also have a foam supplier that is pretty affordable.

Hell yeah I’ll send you the drawings here in a few and let me know how much the cost would be and we can arrange when I come back to Tampa I can pick it up

Hey brother do you think you could ship it to me in Colorado because I don’t know when I’m going to be back in Florida.

I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement. It is kinda a lot of work to shape a board from a CNC machine! Takes much longer than a board shaper (two days) and isn’t perfect. Let me talk to my friend at the Hackerspace and see what he says.

Btw, I haven’t even created a board yet but we did cut some foam and are going to carbon fiber it next week. Here it is:

That is two halves (2" each) for top and bottom glued together. I still need to sand them down, but you can see what I’m working with!


@Dandydan Fill out this form. Want to see HOW MANY folks are stuck at this step and need a board:


Let me know what your buddy says

I am getting ready to build my board and am wondering if the blueboard at Home Depot will work?

Don’t know for the blueboard but try to find the purple panels as
FOAMULAR XPS foam panel = Closed cell - resists water and moisture
EPS is I think open cells and soaks water if board shell was to be damaged.

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XPS is easy to shape but delaminate really easy.

EPS is closed cell and used in most of the newer epoxy board constructions. It doesn’t absorb much water unless it’s low density where the water will make its way between the closed cells.

The Blue board is extruded Polystyrene. Found some discussion on a web site and seems to be good stuff.

Can anyone explain the layering process starting at the foam? Is it something like XPS - carbon/glass - resin - carbon/glass - resin … polish?

Extruded polystyrene is XPS and does delaminated really really easily.
If you want the best construction you need to use high density PVC foam over your EPS core for the deck. You can get away not using PVC on the hull but it produce best results.