Board CNC Files

Hey guys,

I am currently collecting parts for a diy build. So far I have the foil, motor and esc.
I am also building an MPCNC so that I can CNC the board.
Are there any board 3D models available that I can use as a starting point for this?

Hi Funky,
I also want to buy the MPCNC (Primo) and make my board (and maybe other pieces)
Can you please tell me if you have make the board, if was difficult, if you have make the board project etc…

I begin to make my DIY eFoil (but using SketcUP cause I don’t know to work in Fusion 360)
But I’m just at begining…

Please tell us how it’s finish your project.
Thanks a lot

For X-Ref purpose: the first MPCNC project for milling boards by @Gravity (standard Styrofoam blocks from hardware store).
'Project DTT (another build from Munich) that is