Board construction and electricity box space

Hi guys,

currently my design is a 5’8 board length, 28’’ width and 3 1/8 thickness.
i am planning to add 2 stringers 6 mm(0.23 inch) or 4 mm(0.157 inch) , didn’t decide yet
my esc that i want(didn’t buy it yet) is the Flipsky FSESC75200 75V with water colloing

the specification of that esc is 52 mm high for the esc but the power cables are going out from the top so i will need more room for them and bending them for sure, it will take about 1,5- 2 cm.

i will be happy to hear opinions about the board contraction to see that i will not have a problem that i didn’t think about or may be something that is better to change.
thanks :slightly_smiling_face: