Board/Foil suitable for E-foil?

Hi! :slight_smile:
Looking to make my own E-foil I have been looking for a board and foil. Looking at the pictures - do you think it’s suitable or do you have some concerns?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Looks like this board has low volume, maybe 30l? Ideally it should be 100l or more to simplify learning and to keep the board floating with battery and motor installed. I think no commercially available/preorder board has less than 70l.

Damn :stuck_out_tongue: You don’t think it’ll be able to carry the weight of the battery and other components? From my experience with kneeboarding/wakeboarding and so on I don’t think I will struggle that much getting on it :slight_smile:

It will work if you do a battery box on top of the board, because there is no space inside to put electronics,batteries a.s.o. We did this as well with inflatableboards… see in our video here:

But what Kappertz means yourst has low volume … so it is rideable…but it does hardly float when not driving… So for begininng it will be very difficult to start e-foiling…Different to our video…this is 180l board and we can just sit on it while not riding and it is very stable… Now we use 140l inflatable which is kind of optimum …

and by the way the mast of your board looks very thin, be shure to get a rigid one for e-foiling… similar like the slingshot one;-)

Okay thank you for replies! :slight_smile: