Board for eFoil 2022

What are the current options related to boards?

Best would be a 150-200l board that has a big storage space.

A lot depends on requirements. Do you want a sup style efoil which makes takeoffs a breeze or do you want something more compact that transports easy but is harder to start on…

Hmmm well since im relatively new to Foiling I think something thats easy to start on would be an advantage.
However I the length should be such that it fits inside a regular SUV.

Well when learning Kitesurfing I could compensate all my inefficiancies and lack of skill by more Power by just taking a slightly oversized Kite. My original Idea was to copy this approach to efoil (however dont know if it will work).
So in short: small board AND easy start, thanks to massive Trust.

However I now read in the forum 150L Board is around right for beginners, so I will follow the recomendation.

A big board helps the first time you try it and learn. After that a small board becomes way better in every aspect. A lot also depends on how you want to get up. Many guys try get up while the board is going slowly which makes the board less stable and way harder to stand up. Ideally yo want to be going around 15kph so that the board is stable (even if its a small board) and then stand up.

I had a 180x60x15 board to learn on, worked well but have since cut it down to 140cm, it’s still easy to get up on for me but all my friends that have tried it struggle. I think the larger board makes it possible to drive the board around on the water without needing a lot of speed so it’s easier for a beginner to gradually learn the handling and weight distribution while on the board.

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