Board only searched - for completion by beginner

I am looking for a simple and lightweight board for completion with my (later) choice of electronics.

I am in located in Germany, traveling a lot and also able to organize a pick up service.

I prefer a robust and cheap board. Beauty is not important (at least now).

I can make custom board for you, or sell some substandard boards.
volume 68 Liters
dimensions: 140x60x15cm
XPS core, FiberGlass 3 layers, epoxy resin laminated, gelcoat, painted!
blank board for efoil for cnc cutting by yorself available. Ship from Russia all other the world. Look at some finished boards as example. IMG_20210419_181556|690x388


Thanks for this. They look beautiful.
However, I decided not for something inflatable to be able to take my family with me.

Whats the price of these?

fully assebled board with evamat, latch, hinge is 1350usd

Which board did you buy?

They look really nice, but too small for big me.
What would be the cost of custom 175x75x15 both std FG but also clear carbon option?

big size good for novice, but then you know how to ride you look for smaller and lighter board because smaller board more agile. carbon does not provide significant advantages in comparison with fiberglass; from the disadvantages it shields the radio signal. the carbon version will cost around $ 2,000. we can discuss in more detail in PM or telegram @artfoils.
I have model of board 110 Litres, 168x70x13.5cm FrankBoard-rev2.pdf - Google Drive
this is not a serial model and will not be manufactured in a matrix, so we will be doing a lot of manual work to fine-tune the shape