Board options for purchase

I have never worked with fiberglass or carbon fiber and think I would create a disaster if I tried to build my own board. I haven’t seen any good threads talking about where to buy efoil boards for a build.
What are good options to buy a board for my efoil build?
FR seems too expensive and also, I am in the US.
I saw people talking about MALA inflatables from a guy on Facebook in Europe but not much else.
Is it just that there are no good options?

the implementation of fiberglass or carbon is not very complicated if we take the time and that the parts to be implemented are not too complicated in terms of shape. A board remains accessible to implement but will take time.
Inflatable boards are ideal for easy transport by car but it remains as time consuming as a foam board. @nice2cu is on its third MALA board and I’m starting on my first one after having made my first board from a windsurfing board to cut it to the right size and from fiberglass to glass and where carbon in the cut, so less resin work even if the still a lot of time spent.
I think this third solution is good to start a lot on the forum we do like this and have made very nice e-foil

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