Board Shape Comments Welcome

Hi to all,

I was searching for a ready to use board to mount the mast and put the electronic inside.

But I had no luck. I wanted to have a board in the style of FR or/and Eduard´s Build from Germany - Builds -

So I use these boards as draft. A friend of mine now created the first models on the computer.

Its not 100% finished yet but I would be happy to have your comments to the actual status of the design.

Edit: The measurements are round about 150 x 65 x 15 and 95 Liter

(upload://7ICLZ0mOButWcUiTljGthcsLd0D.jpeg) ![stp|690x397]


I like the shape, I have a foam block 6’ x 32" x 6" that I’m looking to shape similar to this design.

  • I’m looking to flip the tail so there is less contact with the surface and if I decide to go manual with it, the rear won’t be slapping against the water while I’m pumping the board.
  • the compartment will still have curved corners but flat walls to the corners, no kink in the middle.
  • Two Channels under the board so it can track straight when I use it like a paddleboard

Look really nice! I like when the tip is “flat” so that the board can rest on the front of the front wing and the tip of the board even when on a hard surface.

Its easier to load the battery when the board can stand on its own.



That is exactly what I want. Keep us posted how it turns out.

Nice. Maybe the chamfers at the bottom could be little less wide. Here is what I want to do in the next weeks:


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Both those boards look good. I guess a lot depends on how experienced you are and how easily you can get from your stomach to feet. If you have experience go as small as possible.
I have designed a board with the following dimensions: 5’ (150cm) x 62.5cm x 12cm
I might even try get the board down to 10cm thick if my new design for the foil tracks work well.

thanks for the feedback.
We will go further with this designe.

We will insert the foilmount and the lid with the needed parts.

After the 3d is finished we will cnc the board.

Why not balance batteries weight more on front ?

On our shape the batterie is more near to the front then to the rear.
Do you think it’s not enough?

Depand on your batteries weight, you can may be try it on waterproof box and check differents location on the board. Myself, i prefer more on front.

Started glueing and cutting

Overdrive, how is your board coming along?
I had little progress

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Good luck.
Do you made the mastplate by yourself?

We are still constructing some parts of the board.
But we are nearly finished. We had to constructed it in detail, because we will cnc the board.
If everything goes well there would be less need for sanding after cnc.
At the moment I am also searching for a company in Austria which will carbon infuse the board after cnc.

The plan is to make 3 boards. One for me and two friends.
And if the result is good and it’s not to expensive maybe we can offer a few boards to someone who can’t build a board by himself.

Anyway, I already order the blanks and I think in the next weeks we will have the finished cnc board.

Are you from Austria? My cnc is not big enough for a whole board.
I am thinking of making a mould for the bin.

Yes near Vienna.
I don’t have an own cnc so a company will do it for us.

Bist du auch in der deutschsprachigen Telegramm Gruppe?

Wo was wann :slight_smile:

Hey guys this how the board look like now. I didn’t sand it yet, also need to add the sealings, all the holes and the mat and white paint on the top side of the board.
The board size is 170 cm and 100 Liters of volume (I don’t plan to change the battery so the opening is under the board for more safety).
I built it only using a drill as a power tool and I shaped it on a drying rack lol The core I used is from glued xps insulation board. I only needed to make 8 cuts (with hot wire) and some sanding, so it’s ultra easy to shape the board (and super cheap too) !


Slow progress on my side.


Looks like a Riva Italian boat :crazy_face: What’s the weight ?