Board thickness

Hi guys,

I’m Léo from France.

It has been now months that i’m planning to build my efoil.

I would buy a pack from gong galaxy including the foil and the board. HOWEVER,

I’ve seen that the thickest board are about 9cm thick. It seems to be too little.

18650 batteries are 6.5 cm high then you need assemble the batteries, put the cable build the box and make the hatch. What do you think about it ? How thick are your boards ? Would it fit with a 9 cm thick board?

Thank you and Merry christmas guys!

It would work on the height but total space might be too little for a large enough battery, you need to be careful with the packaging space. Bottom thickness 5mm, top thickness 5mm, 80mm left for batteries, spacers and nickel sheets. Wires can be routed to the side of the pack so it doesn’t add to the height.