Board "Turtle" for sale

In the winter I built several boards again, one of which is for sale.
The Size of the “Turtleboard” is 140cm x 64cm x 14cm
It´s build with Paulownia Wood and laminate with epoxy.
I sell the board with a matching case and box (for battery and VESC). The case is of course waterproof and large enough for 21700 14S 9P.
It is designed for a gong mast. Other manufacturers would certainly also fit, provided the hole spacing is correct. The connection is waterproof thanks to an o-ring.
With this you can build a fantastic efoil in a short time.
Price 2000€

Here is an identical, finished board


Cool board! Curious - how heavy is this?

The board weight is 9.8kg without cases.