Boards for eFoil

I’ve launched a DIY efoil board, alongside my build(s). Some pics below and the build thread can be found here.

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Whats your opinion regarding the volume of the Lift 4’4? Do you think its really needed to get up and going or do you feel there is still some room for less volume? I am thinking about adapting a 4’5 with only 28 Liters. The idea would be a battery mount from below with some portion of the battery extending out of the boards bottom side. A little bit like PWR foils but half way inside.


It depends on your mast length. I run a 90cm mast. The longer the mast the harder it is to get your weight far enough forward to get started on a super small, super short board. The buoyancy isn’t as much of a factor. You only need enough to make the board float on its own. About 80lbs of buoyancy. I would say 4’4" is almost as short as possible with a 90cm mast. I think you could shave a few more inches. 48" is probably the limit, unless you went with a shorter mast.




Hi, is there any update regarding the austrian “board only”?

Unfortunately not.
We want to build it with companys but because of codvid it wansnt really possible to go on with the project.
We try to finish in the next weeks but at the moment it seems that the costs for laminating the board are to high.

if you want to use your old windsurfer or inflatable SUP this new “ESC waterproof box” might be helpful to your build and advantage you can swap to different boards as well very easily… + all new wingfoil boards have perfect size to use them as well as efoil and just swapping the mast to an e-foil mast and adding a battery;-)

Concerning epoxies at temperatures below 15C; the epoxies i’ve worked with crystallise below 15C, working or storing temperatures should therefore not be below this.

You can see it as cloudy or milky appearance if the epoxy has been to cold. It won’t cure well if this is the case. The crystals can be dissolved by heating the epoxy.

The epoxy company closest to me actually ship by special transport during winter to keep their product at it’s best.

Yup! I second that…from bad experience!

I’m looking for some help deciding on which old board to buy for my build. A few options I am considering are below, but not sure on thickness for battery compartment and electronics. I am a pretty balanced rider, and looking for something with maneuverability. Here are a few I have come across. Any feedback? Or other ideas on where to find a good used board for my build?

I doubt these board will have a enough thickness to integrate a waterproof compartment! You could probably use these board with a waterproof case on top of the board but this is not ideal! I’d look into old kite race board which are usually thicker and built strong. Otherwise, you can always build one from scratch!

Look at the windance board, at 76L i’d bet it’s pretty thick since it looks short. I’d think windsurf boards all need to be a bit thick since they’re for standing, also with added sail weight.

Thanks! I have been trying to find good sites for used kiteboards, but havent come up with a ton. I did find a K-race 70 on Ebay but around $600 USD after shipping… I did reference Pacificmeisters chart of old kiteboards for a starting place but having a hard time finding where to buy…

Yes, old race kiteboards are hard to find! I was lucky and found a great one for my first built. However, I’d suggest to carefully plan your mods (foil mount, compartment, etc.) Because these boards are usually heavier than standard surfboards and if you start adding wood and metal to it, you will quickly make it a lot heavier! Why do you want to modify an old race kiteboards? Save time or money or both?

@Vicdes2 Which board did you find for your first build? I like the K-race because forum members have proven that it can fit a waterproof compartment. I dont really want to build my own because of the time it would take and I dont have any experience shaping or building a board! I’m very open to suggestions on finding my board. I’ll be going with a gong allvator foil.

I used a carbrinha 188cm vmg carbon kite race board!

The compartment was just tall enough to fit amy 18650 pack! This board is really tough and dent proof

@vicdes2 i found this 2011 Cabrinha 183 cm board below for a decent price. Its so hard to tell though if it will be thick enough - it’s only 58 liters according to the registered boards sheet that PM shared a while back.


This one has been for sale! You could probably get it for much cheaper! I’m in Miami and saw it two years ago when I was shopping for one! I paid less than 300$ for mine and it was brand new! Mine was 78L I think so this one might be a bit thinner! Keep looking!

@Vicdes2 Thanks a ton for your help here. I’ll keep searching! not a lot out there as of now