Bolts for the flipsky 65161?

anyone know offhand what the bolt sizes are for the front and back of the flipsky 65161 ? and the prop shaft thread?

thanks in advance!

Found the answer here if anyone needs it:


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Just an update in case anyone else pulls this up at the top of their “65161 bolt size” google search results like I did–

I realized when I went to mount my prop duct that the waterproof 65161 with the upgraded shaft seal has a different layout on the front side. The back of the motor with the four M5 holes is the same.

On the front the waterproof design has 4x bolts installed with a 3mm hex socket on the face and then along the sides there are four M4 sized holes that have about 8mm depth.

Now looks like this with 4 bolts:

Instead of old style with 6-M4: