Boot Düsseldorf 2020

Hi all
I will be at this fair on Sunday 19. & Monday 20. - who has time to meet on sunday after the fair?

Looking forward to your efoil pictures… just after the bar :wink:

I will report next week :surfing_man:

We had a great time at boot fair - many companies have presented their esurf and efoil boards.
If I would by one it would be the Flite if money doesn’t matter and a takuma for smaller money.

The guys from esurfer make some nice videos:

And off topic - if you want to go by sea and land:


Also seen at the fair - but not really recommended because not really finished:



And if would by a esurf it would be a jetsurf or awake:


Thx Mike !

The short mast you posted is using a FR prop. I am 100% sure of it.
By the way, I see no info on Flite board, on their website they said they are using a gearbox “from germany”. I also saw a maintenance video where they said that you shouldn’t unscrew the prop or touching the shaft because there is oil shaft in there. Oil shaft ? interesting concept.

Do you guys think they are using Reisenauer Motor chief gearboxes and asked Reisenauer not to sell them to the public ? Why would they stop producing such good gearboxes otherwise ?..

You are rigjht - looks like FR - the guy from F2 told me all is made in Germany :laughing:

It’s geared and quite safe a special Neugart PLE - otherwise you can’t use a prop with such high pitch

They only stop the Motorchief - I think it has other reasons

It is 100% FR prop and motor. My set up looks exactly like this!

I’ve seen a similar drivetrain on aliexpress, same prop and same mat black protection.

That’s the Lift:

And F2:

Very identical and nobody knows where the motor comes from?

It is indeed the Lift motor & prop like I said.

The motor is manufactured by Flying Rodeo. FR makes the motor & also the prop.

probably they have two radial shaft seals and oil in between to lubricate these…

I don’t think that David makes the winding of the motor - but all milled and lathed parts - nevertheless a super engine - maybe the prop is also already copied - how knows :hot_face:

Might be, but why ? I mean many people have build waterproof motors without oil on the shaft. Just look the FR one…

He can’t. Concentrated windings like the the one in the FR motor are wound by a special machine. David certainly found a factory that manufactures the stator & wind it at the same time. This is much cheaper & faster.

I don’t think so. I am working with the exact same software as David. This is a really hard to master soft. There are plenty of parameters, you can’t just copy this prop even if you have all the info on paper. I will soon release (hopefully) the first prop David was using on his efoil which btw helped him reach 50kmh. This would be a nearly identical prop. Free stl files would be available.

I am talking about this one :

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You say the FR motor is manufactured by David at FR. Can you explain the relationship with Lift? The FR motor is exactly the same as the Lift motor. And Lift was using it before FR if I’m not mistaken. It looked to me like FR reverse engineered the Lift motor.

Nice prop by the way. I would be excited to get that STL file!!! That FR motor running that prop in the picture you posted looks like a different motor. Looks longer?

The can is filled with oil

The prop is too fine to be printed and the area can be decreased if you don’t need or want that much of thrust

On this pic : gear set up