Boris' first eSUP attempt

What you are missing : you are measuring amp battery not amp motor
Really short cut but :
2a at 25v = 50w at the battery
If you motor is slowing down at 360rpm for exemple it uses only 2,5v so 50w/ 2,5v = 20a at least

Try to slow down the motor as you increase throttle , batt amp should increase

59A is a given number standing but mechanical torque capacity before motor start to surfer , it should be available really soon even at low rpm

I have the same motor, mainly like a toy for my inflatable sup. Not installed yet, planning for 6S.
Its a not a very strong motor, think rated roughly 600 W only. That is close to a trolling motor, but higher rpm. Thus need a low pitch propeller, as also diameter need to be rather tiny. Calculated that pitch of 2.5 inch would give roughly 8 kmh speed, and even that might be optimistic for a sup, probably only 2 inch would be better…

Hello Boris, great work and nice build by the way. Thank you for your publishes. I am trying to design a propeller for F5085 motor. Could you please share your CAD file since I don’t have an onshape account. I would like to open it on Fusion 360. Regards :slight_smile: