Bought a lift 5' efoil, turned out to be diy. please help!

The wire nuts and electrical tape are not good for an efoil. Tyler asks some good questions and have you contacted the seller to find out why he would represent the efoil as factory new when it is clearly modified. It may be perfectly usable after a little more work, but there is work to do to sort it out.

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It wasn’t bought from that forum member. It looks like someone may have bought if from him and then resold it. But it has a different colour prop to the one sold on this forum…

1: establish what ESC is being used… If it’s working theres no real reason to change it!
2: I would simplify that rats nest! Get rid of the pump. I’ve been riding for 2 years without one and never needed a pump. My speed controller has never gone over 38deg Celsius.
Potentially drop the solenoid and the circuit breaker as well. It will greatly simplify the wiring setup. Instead use a manual fuse (that’s what lift uses anyway).
Get a better box for the ESC that can be opened and closed reliably and is guaranteed to seal.

Once those are sorted, then it would be time to look at the battery…

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Hello forum members, thanks for the help.

I would return the board if I could, the phone number is now disconnected and I’m not able to reach the POS. The number I have is 503- 606-8603

I took the board out twice before my trip. The trip jumbled the ESC box open and I was too afraid to use after that. It was working properly though I never figured out how to adjust the RPM to make learning to foil a bit easier.

The new Lift ESC computer that was installed in Mexico - my friend had an extra and put it in so that I may temporarily use his stock batteries, and remote. I am not combining stuff and I think plan to remove this again.

Does anyone have any information about the prior sale of this board? I’d like to track down the seller if possible. Thanks again,


@Jezza can you ping that person here to get some help to find out that second seller? I just can’t get around the fact it has been sold as lift efoil


No probs…

@MauiMan was this board possibly one you sold to someone in Southern Oregon? The battery case looks familiar.

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Hi, I bought the board from @MauiMan,
Mike Truckee Ca, I plan to build it this winter

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I’m pretty sure this is the board… The board that @MauiMan used to have.

541 499 2662

I’m pretty sure this is the one.

Did you buy just a board or the complete setup that I linked in?

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Thank you so much for you help Jezza. I believe I bought the entire setup including the extra battery… That looks like it exactly. Thanks.

It definitely looks like the board, just with a different prop colour…
Also based on the location of the sale (board was initially sold out of Portland Oregon), I would say its the same board!
Got a link to the old Craigslist ad?

I wish I would have been more proactive with saving that information, etc. Of course it’s deleted now, and the phone number is no longer active… :frowning:

Did you get it in Portland Oregon?

Sure did. I’m scrolling through my old Iphone pictures now trying to find something. I have a picture of the sellers back if that helps :slight_smile: Thanks again Jezza!

Post some pictures of the full board if you have those too. If you can prove that it’s without a doubt the board MauiMan had, then there’s some questions that need to be answered by him…

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@Jezza, I just bought the board an empty white one

This is not making sense! You basically got a lift efoil minos battery, charger and remote!
Battery is $3500, charger is $900 and remote is $200. You can het these directly from lift and I am sure they are nice enough people to give you some discount after hearing your story. Even if you fix that make mice trap box you will end up with:
A. a crappy maytech remote which can leave you in a middle of ocean with no control
B. A DIY battery pack that you have no idea of the build quality or when it will put your house on fire
C. a charger that would take a very long time
To charge the pack.
Yes you could buy a brand new one for $10k without spending extra $4600 you will have a crappy setup versus brand new reliable lift your loss will be : (8000+ 3500+900+200) - 10000(actual price these days)= $2600

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I think I found the old craigslist ad. How much did you get the board for?